Blake Shelton is a Contemporary Country Music Artist. Way up on the charts and very diversified and talented.

Blake Shelton was born in Ada Oklahome to Dorothy and Richard Shelton. So he definitely came from Country Western Territory. He began singing at an early age and by age 12, he was taught how to play the guitar by his uncle. By age 15, he had written his first song. By age 16, he had received a Denbo Diamond Award in his home state. On November 13, 1990, his older brother Richie was killed in an automobile accident. After graduating from high school at seventeen, he moved to Nashville Tennessee  to pursue a singing career. There he got a job at a music publishing company and, in 1997, he was aided by Bobby Braddock to obtain a production contract 

Blake Shelton is a diversified talent. Besides his numerous hits which include but not limited to "Bringing Back The Sunshine" and "If I'm Honest" he is also known in the world of Musical Talent Shows being a judge on many of these. Some of the more well known shows include "Nashville Star", "Clash Of The Choirs", and "The Voice"

He has written and performed approximately 33 Singles of which 24 have risen up the charts to #1. The picture below shows him with his current love Gwen Stefani. As of 09/12/17 it is rumored that she is pregnant with child from their relationship. Of course this is just rumor at this point. 

At this point it seems like the sky is the limit for this outstanding Country Music Artist. His musical achievements are plentiful and I'm sure will continue to increase with time. His effervescent personality and classic good looks won't go away soon. YUP...THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. 

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