Carrie Underwood is both Beautiful and Vivacious. Born on March 10, 1983 she is a young woman by most people's standards. Yet her rise to fame started when she was the winner of the 4th season of American Idol in 2005. So as young as she is, she has been a leader on the Country Music scene for quite some time already. And her saga continues to grow. 

Carrie Underwood's initial album was released the same year as her success in American Idol (2005). Titled Solo Hearts it was a great success. It became the most successful debut album for a female country performer in country music history. She also was able to cross over religious spiritual music into the realm of country music..clearly shown by her Hit Single "Jesus, Take The Wheel". 

Carrie Underwood won 3 Grammy Awards for this album including "Best New Artist". She has sold over 65 Million records world wide. She is an incredibly successful Country Music artist, but more than that, she is an amazing success in comparison to any performer in any musical genre. She is the most successful winner of the American Idol show to date and probably will remain in that position indefinitely. Wow...WHAT A TALENT. And like so many of today's successful country music performers (and yesterday's too), she comes from the state of Oklahoma. What is it about Oklahoma that makes it produce so many incredible country music singers??

I wish her continued success in her incredible career and I thank her for providing us with such great entertainment and songs to enjoy. 

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