Cheating Songs

Well, unfortunately cheating is an element of our society that is not only planted solidly but is almost idolized and fantasized by it. Think about it!! Besides songs talking about the Heartbreak of it, we have television shows with huge followings that makes millions of $$$ televising the subject. It's stupid but it seems to be a part of our moral fabric (or lack thereof)

With a little Heartbreak

Cheating songs... Baby, I can't go through this again...
It's A Cheatin' Situation

A stealin' invitation
To take what's not really ours,
And make it through the midnight hours

Charly McClain, Moe Bandy
It's a cheatin' situation
Just a cheap imitation
Doing what we have to do,
When there's no love at home

Third Rate Romance
Amazing Rhythm Aces

When they left the bar they got in his car and they drove away
He drove to the family inn she didn't even have to pretend

She didn't know what for

And he went to the desk and made his request while she waited outside
Then he came back with the key she said give it to me
And I'll unlock the door
She kept saying I've never really done this kind of thing before have you
Third rate romance low rent rendezvous
And he said yes I have but only a time or two

...maybe you're tired and don't have the time
that's ok, I understand
you won't have to touch me or even take my hand
Just slide your little mouse around until you see it land
At WWW.Memory...

I May Hate Myself in the Morning
Who's Cheatin' Who
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town (Kenny Rogers and the First Edition)

Anyway, my favorite artists for heartbreak songs are George Jones, Conway Twitty (God rest his soul), and Moe Bandy.

Conway Twitty, cheating songs

This Time I've Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me
Conway Twitty

She wore that fallin' out of love look I even swore upon the good book
Still the last lie I told her was the one she couldn't believe

No more crying on her shoulder she won't even let me hold her
And this time I've hurt her more than she loves me

and my favorite...

She Thinks I Still Care
George Jones

Just because I asked a friend about her
Just because I spoke her name somewhere

She Thinks I Still Care
I'll Be Over You
(When The Grass Grows Over Me)
The Window Up Above

Just because I rang her number by mistake today
She thinks I still care

Race Is ON
George Jones

Well the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch
Heartaches are going to the inside
My tears are holding back tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the running true love scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches and the winner loses all

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