Country Cover Song, The Greatest

Although I am a country fan I have to say Janis. Its like you can feel the pain in her voice when see sang that song. Faith's version just doesn't have as much passion in it as Janis' did. Piece of My Heart, Janis Jopin or Faith Hill Version... ? (Yahoo Answers)

Hard to Handle

Trent Tomlinson singing Purple Rain and Hard to Handle Videos
Not sure how these videos got past security, but it did...
Trent Tomlinson Purple Rain Video on MySpace

Trent did a cover of the Black Crows' "Hard to Handle", the youtube video on your left.

Country Cover Song.... The country music singer who wasn't, BW Stevenson.

BW Who?

BW (Buckwheat) Stevenson was a folk/rock/country singer songwriter that co-wrote (with Daniel Moore) and sang the 1973 top hit My Maria. It was covered many years later by Brooks & Dunn. My favorite? The Stevenson version. In the 70s, it never touched the country charts. Shambala, the Three Dog Night single, was BW and Moore's creation, also...

BW Stevenson. Caught between country music and hard rock.
Country Cover Song, Read More About BW Stevenson Here

Brooks & Dunn, My Maria

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