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[Dec. 9, 2004] It began very easily... I was watching a commercial, for Nike maybe. There were these old folks dancing "polka style" to hip-hop...
2005 Prediction, a Music OneWorld

Country Music Ringtones
[November 27, 2004] Just have a few minutes to write... justwanted to share a little bit of information. I thought that music downloading were going to destroy sales of the regular compact disc. Wrong. Manufacturers are starting to add interesting tools like ringtone creators.

Hee Haw Music
[November 19, 2004] The best source for Hee Haw Music on the Monument label, SLP-18131 Old Rattler, Are You From Dixie> Time-Life Hee Haw on DVD is easier to find...

[November 16, 2004] Ladies love Outlaws, don't they? Bashing Willie and Waylon...
did outlaw country die?

[October 30, 2004] Thinking about buying Toby Keith tickets online? Don't get taken to the cleaners...basic tips on
how to avoid problems with ticket sellers and the law

Celebrity Poker, Travis Tritt-Country Music Archive
[September 30, 2004] Got a rare chance to sit down in front of the boob tube ---thanks to a new round of corporate restructuring at work---. Just happened to see Travis Tritt playing celebrity poker on the Bravo network...

Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying"
[August 24, 2004] tops the chart. Some items, like posters, have been posted on Ebay before the release date. This 2004 Country Top Song Artist's items are fetching tremendous prices...


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