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A popular first dance song for father and daughter. It won the 1997 Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

collin raye
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All My Roads
Original Release Date: July 14, 1998
Label: Epic/Nashville

The Colin Raye song, All My Roads, was recommended by people on Yahoo Answers. It's an extremely emotional song... a rare find.

It's hard to find one country music album with wedding songs, only. Pop music has pure wedding songs; country music has a CD once or twice a year with a few songs. Fortunately, within the last two years musicians have created pure country music wedding sites. An excellent place to find new and original songs is T Carter Music. Highly Recommended

T Carter Music
Here We Stand

Are there famous country artist with new music in the near future? We will find the best songs and maybe the music industry will notice the need for more wedding songs.

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Butterfly Waltz

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