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By Bonnie Conrad

Country music wedding songs are always very popular. Country music is often about relationships, so it just makes sense that country music is often included in weddings around America.

Finding just the right country music wedding songs can be difficult as there are so many to choose from. The bride or groom to be might want to start with their favorite artist and search through their catalog for good country music wedding songs. The happy couple might also want to choose a song that is special to them. It could be the song that was playing for their first dance. It could be the song you heard on your first date. Or it could just be a song you both love by one of your favorite country music artists.

Once you have found the perfect country music wedding songs for your special day, you might want to make it extra special by having a good local country band play at your wedding. The band can dedicate those special country music wedding songs to the special couple as a special gift.

Many different artists have seen their work used for country music wedding songs. Artists from Hank Williams to Conway Twitty to Travis Tritt have all had their songs used in weddings from time to time. Each couple will have their own idea of the perfect country music wedding songs. As with any music, tastes in country music wedding songs vary widely. The perfect song for your wedding is entirely up to you.

Music is the perfect way to make your wedding day even more special. Country music wedding songs are the perfect way to make your wedding unique and romantic.

chad brock, yes! the wedding song
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Released: May 02, 2000 (CD)
Label: Warner Brothers

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The titled song Yes is a perfect example of a country music wedding song. Briefly, it's a story about a guy who moved out of an apartment and his future wife (the new tenant) picks up his mail and finds his telephone number.

Note: Please, please don't try this at home; contact the post office and leave a forwarding address because most renters are not that nice.

Shania Twain

this perfect country music wedding song is on the Album Titled UP! on Mercury Nashville label, released November 19, 2002. It's a 2 disc set... the red disc is a pop-electric, and the green disc is a Country-Acoustic mix.
Tracy Byrd
The Keeper of the Stars
You cannot know how many people have requested and remember dancing to this song for the first dance on their wedding day. You can't go wrong. The CD - No Ordinary Man (1994).

Mark Wills
I Do (Cherish You)
This song is from the album
Wish You Were Here... {sample}

I do, cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don't have to think twice
I will, love you still, from the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much, I do
Track list for
Wish You Were Here (CD 1998)

1. Don't Think I Won't
2. Emily Harper
3. Wish You Were Here
4. She's In Love
5. Love Is Alive
6. Don't Laugh At Me
7. The Last Memory
8. Help Me Fall
9. It's Working
10. Anywhere But Memphis
11. I Do (Cherish You)

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The day my oldest daughter was born, I was leaving the hospital and thinking about getting some roses for my wife and daugther. There in front of me as …

Jeff Bates the love song 
My dad's and stepmom's wedding song for the first dance..

Trying to think of a song for my wedding... 
When I was a little girl, in the 90s, there was a song about a father and daughter that I loved and would like to play at my wedding. I do not know the …

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For a vowel renewal... check out "Would You Say I Do Again" by Don Quinn on Reverbnation. Become a fan on his site and let him know what you think about …

my best friend Tim Mcgraw 
Just listen to it..... You'll understand..

Dance with my Daddy at my wedding (Steven Curtis Chapman) 
There was a song that I wanted to dance with my Dad at my wedding to - I heard it on your station about a year ago. The singer who sang it actually had …

My daughter is getting married 
I would like to know of some newer songs that can be played. Here's a New Father/Daughter Song-Daddy's Angel wedding video, it has over half a million …

Im looking for the country and western song as follows:- OH THE CHAPEL BELLS ARE RINGING but dont know the artists or the name of song My email address …

Paul Brandt I do Not rated yet
Just a really sweet romantic song with a classics 90's sound Editor's Note: Thanks Shaina, probably coming from a sweet romantic country girl.

stepfather-daughter dance Not rated yet
I need to find a song for my husband and daughter. He's been in her life since she was 5 and she's 22 and getting married in September 2013 .Please help …

lost in this moment Big n rich Not rated yet
Its just a lovely song. This is going to be the bridal bridal entrance for my wedding in july.

Chris Ledoux - Just Look At You Girl Not rated yet
Such an amazing song with a lot of meaning. Just listen to those words, my husband dedicated this the day we got married. I will never forget it! …

will you marry me by Alabama. Not rated yet
I love listening to that song and i really want it to be played on my wedding. A youtube video. Added by editor at top country: Will You Marry …

butterfly kisses- bob carlisle Not rated yet
this song is the best one i hear all over again it is about this father that has a daughter it also talks about when she grows up, and then she gets married …

I Loved Her First- Heartland Not rated yet
It's such a good song for a dad and a daughter to dance to. I never tire of listening to this - true classic

A moment like this- leona lewis Not rated yet
This song is perfect for 1st dance because every woman dreams of her wedding day and can wait a lifetime finding the perfect man for the perfect moment …

dance with me johnny ried Not rated yet
I love johnny rieds style of music and this song rings true for me and my fiance as he is a farmer and some times i don;t see him till late and if any …

One Woman - Randy Rogers Band Not rated yet
Beautiful song about that "One Woman" who means the world to you by one of the Best Texas Country bands out there.

Best For Last - Aaron Watson Not rated yet
Al you have to do is listen to the song and you will agree this is a great wedding song. From 98.1 Kvet FM youtube channel Texas Music Series

forever and for always Not rated yet
shania twain is very good (Red version)

TimeLife Country Wedding Songs  Not rated yet
Here's a video from a TimeLife infomercial showing 30 songs on 2 CDs. There's Anne Murray's, Could I Have This Dance I Swear, John Micheal …

And Then They Do -Trace Adkins Not rated yet
I believe this is a good father-daughter, mother-son, or mother-daughter dance song. God my children have grow so fast and now they're getting married …

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