I can just hear the question now..."What Is Fred Imus Doing On A Country Music Website??"

How many of you knew that Fred Imus was the co-writer of an incredibly famous country song called "I Don't Want To Have To Marry You" which was performed by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius in the 1970's. It was co-written by Phil Sweet. And it was a musical monster, actually holding onto the #1 Country Song Spot for 2 weeks and stayed on the Chart for 10?? So now you know the affiliation that Fred Imus had and has with Country Music..

My experiences with Fred were both social and business. We both had a love for old cars and did some "horsetrading" in this capacity. Neither of us took advantage of the other and virtually all of our transactions were mutually beneficial. I also invited Fred to Thanksgiving Dinner at my house when I first met him as he had no family or real ties in El Paso. I have nothing but good memories about my friendship and association with Fred Imus. I never got to meet his very famous brother Don Imus or talk to him although I think I would have enjoyed that experience. Oh, and for the record, although Fred wrote a totally wonderful country western song, his singing voice was bad enough to scare a cat and make it climb a tree. Rest In Peace Fred.

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