George Jones

Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaGeorge was born in Saratoga, Texas on September 12, 1931. During the summer months he would stay at a farm south of Waco tending cotton. This was during the Great Depression, a time of dust bowls and swarms of grasshoppers. To fight off the grasshoppers, George and his Uncle Dub would mix up a batch of syrup and arsenic, then spread it on the cotton.

George Jones on the
Branson Music Factory
George and School

George had no interest in schooling, and his parents knew it. They let him drop out of seventh grade cause there was no stopping him. He wandered the streets of Beaumont singing and playing.

One day by chance he was singing and playing next to a shoeshine. To his amazement, people started tossing money at his feet. Someone brought him a cup...that's when George realized one could actually make money at this.

Now lots of folks are going to talk about how wild George was, how many car wrecks, fist fights, ripped up motel rooms, lord knows what. It's true. I really don't want to write about that...we'll leave that to the historians.

Here's some of his best songs:

He Stopped Loving Her Today
The Race is On

The Grand Tour
Tennessee Whiskey
If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)
A Picture Of Me (Without You)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
Loving You Could Never Be Better
I'm Not Ready Yet
Someday My Day Will Come
I'm The One She Missed Him With Today

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