I'm Alive Kenny Chesney

by Chris

I love anything Kenny sings,but I just finshed CEMO and am now cancer free.When Kenny first came out with "I'm Alive" I listened to it over and over.After I had CEMO I would come home go to bed and put Kenny's new CD on.I felt like my chances of making it were good,but Thank GOD it was found early.I felt like this was a warning to me when the Doc. found the cancer,I had just divoeced after 43 years of marriage,and was very depressed.All over another woman,I didn't like the song "Stay" even tho I like Sugarland. This was warning to me to think about myself and get on with my life.With Kenny's help and CD's I made it,and I am ready to start a new life.I hope Kenny wins Entertainer of the year again.He is the first artist to go back and do a 3 hr.concert after being rained out in Texas.He paid for everthing.Love you Kenny

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