In Times Like These/Barbara Mandrell

by flybirdie555
(Georgia )

Barbara Mandrell had so many hits that it's hard to decide which one to list. In Times Like These is a song that stands the test of time because its message is one to which anyone in any era can still relate. Plus, it's fun to compare the cost of living then versus now. "It costs you 45 cents for a nickel candy bar, and a dollar's worth of gas won't even start your car..." Wow. And how much is a nickel candy bar today? None of this even touches on the talent of its artist, but Barbara Mandrell can play such a variety of musical instruments and play them well, not to mention the power and beauty of her voice. I've been to many concerts over many decades, and I've enjoyed most. But none of them can compare to the three concerts of hers that I attended - in three separate decades! She is more than a singer. She knows how to engage and entertain an audience. Her many awards are evidence of that. And on top of all of this, I always feel s kinship to anyone with celebrity who uses that fame to better the world, and there are many examples of how she's done this, from using a near-fatal car accident that devastated her world for awhile to overseas concerts during war-time to entertain soldiers.

I'd love to one day hear that she's come out of retirement for one last tour.

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Apr 21, 2016
Barbara Mandrell
by: Richard

Thank you Fly for your nice contribution.

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