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Continued from the List of Country Music Singers, A-F. This page includes the country music singers whose last name starts with G and ends at Z.

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Larry Gatlin, B: May 2, 1948

Bobbie Gentry, B: July 17, 1944
Original name, Roberta Streeter... her stage name Bobbie Gentry was created based on the movie 'Ruby Gentry'. Best known for the song Ode to Billy Joe.

Teddy Gentry, B: January 22, 1952

Terri Gibbs, B: June 15, 1954
Blind at birth, her top country song was in 1981- Somebody's Knockin'... Somebody's knockin' should I let him in,Lord it's the devil would you look at him...

Don Gibson, B: April 3, 1928 D: Nov. 17, 2003
Vince Gill, Born: April 12, 1957

Mickey Gilly, B. March 9, 1937
Holding a large number of Top 10 country hits (39 to be exact), he's known for "The Largest Honky-Tonk, Gilley's" and the driving force behind the Urban Cowboy Craze in the early 80's. Mr. Gilley currently is running a successful business in Branson, Missouri for over 14 years.
Read Gilley's Interview, opens in new window

Vern Gosdin

Vern Gosdin B: August 5, 1934 D: April 28, 2009
(Picture left) of Vern with fans at the Nashville Palace (~2006)

Jack Greene

Jack Greene, (Picture right) B: June 24, 1930
Drummer for Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours - has nine #1 top country songs: Statue Of A Fool; Lord, Is That Me?; Love Takes Care of Me; Back In The Arms Of Love; Until My Dreams Come True; There Goes My Everything; You Are My Treasure, and What Locks The Door

Lee Greenwood, Born: October 27 1942


Merle Haggard, Born: April 6, 1937
"I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. There's not a dime's bit of difference between them."

Tom T Hall, B: May 25, 1936
Emmylou Harris, Born April 2, 1947

Freddie Hart, B: Dec. 21, 1926
Best known for the 1971 hip, and sexy love song 'Easy Loving'. Last reported making personal appearances in Branson, MO and owns a trucking company.

Hawkshaw Hawkins, B: Dec. 22, 1921, D: March 5, 1963
Homer Haynes, B: July 27, 1920; d. Aug. 7, 1971

Goldie Hill, B: Jan. 11, 1933 D: Feb 24, 2005
Known as The Golden Hillbilly, she was extremely popular in the 50's. Goldie cut short her country music career to marry Carl Smith and raise a family.

Faith Hill, B: September 21, 1967

Mark Herndon, Born: May 11, 1955 (Alabama)

Doyle Holly, B: June 30, 1936 D: Jan 13, 2007
Bass Player for Buck Owens and the Buckaroos during their heydays. Went solo in 1971. Top Song (solo), Queen Of The Silver Dollar.

Johnny Horton, B: April 30, 1925 D: Nov. 5, 1960
Best known for "saga songs" - The Battle of New Orleans, When it's Springtime in Alaska (It's 40 Below), Sink the Bismark, and North to Alaska.

Julianne Hough, July 20, 1988
David Houston, B: Dec. 9, 1938 Died Nov. 30, 1993 (picture left)
Almost Persuaded - Best Country & Western Recording of 1966.

Harlan Howard, B: Sept. 8, 1927 D: March 3, 2002
Known as the Irving Berlin of country music... Harlan created more than 100 top hits >>> Heartaches By the Numbers, I Fall To Pieces, and I've Got a Tiger By the Tail (just a few). Read more about
BMI Legend Harlan Howard (link opens into a new window), By Robert K. Oermann.

Jan Howard, B: March 13, 1930 (picture top corner)
Ferlin Husky, or Huskey, B: December 3, 1927 D: March 17, 2011


Alan Jackson, Born: October 17, 1958
Top Songs: A Woman's Love, Chasin' That Neon Rainbow, Chattahoochee, Don't Rock The Jukebox, Drive, Gone Crazy, Here In The Real World, I'll Go On Loving You, I'll Try, It Must Be Love, It's Five O'clock Somewhere, Like Red On A Rose, Little Bitty, Little Man, Livin' On Love, Mercury Blues, Pop A Top, Remember When, Where I Come From, Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning), Who's Cheatin' Who, Www.Memory, There Goes.

Stonewall Jackson, Born: Nov 6, 1932

Tommy Jackson, B: March 31, 1926 D: December 9, 1979
Intense bluegrass fiddler best known during square dance boom. One of his songs Cotton Eyed Joe is featured on the 2 CD set of 30 Essential Bluegrass Hits released on the TeeVee Record label.

Sonny James, Born May 1, 1929
Top Singles...
Young Love(1959), You're The Only World I Know (1964), I'll Keep Holding On; Behind The Tear; It's The Little Things; I'll Never Find Another You; True Love's A Blessing; Take Good Care Of Her (six hits 1965), Room In Your Heart (1966), Need You; I'll Never Find Another You; World Of Our Own (three hits 1967), Heaven Says Hello; Born To Be With You (1968), Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel... 1969 ), Since I Met You Baby ('69), Don't Keep Me Hangin' On; My Love (1970), Empty Arms; Endlessly; Bright Lights Big City; Running Bear; Only Love Can Break A Heart (five top songs-1971), That's Why I Love You Like I Do; When The Snow Is On The Roses; Is It Wrong (For Loving You) (1972), To My Wife With Love (A Mi Esposa Con Amor - 1974). Jesus, that's a bunch of tunes

Norma Jean, B: Jan 30, 1938
Waylon Jennings, B: June 15, 1937 D: February 13, 2002
Buddy Jewell, born April 2, 1961
Carolyn Dawn Johnson Born: April 30, 1971
Grandpa Jones, Born: Oct. 20, 1913 Died: Feb. 19, 1998
George Jones, B: September 12, 1931
Naomi Judd, B: January 11, 1946
Wynonna Judd, B: May 30, 1964

The Kendalls
Jeannie Kendall, born Nov 30, 1954
Royce Kendall, B: Sept. 25, 1934 Died May 22, 1998
Heaven's Just A Sin Away, 1978 Song of the Year

Sammy Kershaw, B: Feb. 24, 1958
Kris Kristofferson, B: June 22, 1936
Tracy Lawrence, B: January 27, 1968

Chris LeDoux born Oct. 2, 1948, died March 9, 2005
Rodeo star turned country music legend. Role model for Garth Brooks, Chris fought a tough battle with liver failure and gall bladder cancer.

Brenda Lee, Born: December 11, 1944
Gary LeVox, B: July 10, 1970 - Rascal Flatts

Jerry Lee Lewis, B: Sept. 29, 1935
When Jerry came back to country music, his musician friends said, "Your lucky you got something to come back to... if it wasn't for us busting our chops keeping country music alive you'd be digging ditches." (Source: Country Music Magazine)

Hank Locklin, born February 15, 1918 D: March 8, 2009
Please Help Me I'm Falling, Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

Charles Louvin, B: July 7, 1927 D: January 26, 2011
Ira Louvin, B: April 21, 1924, D: June 20, 1965
Patty Loveless, Born: January 4, 1957
Loretta Lynn, Born: April 14, 1935


Uncle Dave Macon, B: October 7, l870; D: March 22, l952
Barbara Mandrell, B; December 25, 1948

Jimmy Martin, B: Aug. 10, 1927, D: May 14, 2005
Known as the King of Bluegrass, joined the Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys in 1949 and had a 50 year plus career solo and with various bluegrass artists and groups.

Monty Matthews, B: Aug. 25, 1927, D: April 5, 2005
Founding member of the Jordanaires, was active with the group from 1948 to 1952.

Kathy Mattea, B: June 21, 1959
Mac McAnally B: July 15, 1957

Dale McBride, B: ?, 1936; died December 1, 1992
Martina McBride, Born: July 29, 1966
Charly McClain, B: March 26, 1956
Mel McDaniel, September 6, 1942 – March 31, 2011

Top Songs: Louisiana Saturday Night, Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

Reba McEntire, Born: March 28, 1955
Jo Dee Messina, born August 25, 1970
Roger Miller, B: Jan 2, 1936 D: Oct. 25, 1992
Ronnie Milsap, B: January 16, 1943
Bill Monroe, B: Sept. 13, 1911 D: September 9, 1996
George Morgan, B: June 28, 1924; d. July 7, 1975
Michael Martin Murphey, B: March 14, 1945


Joe Nichols, B: Nov. 26, 1976
Awarded the 2003 CMA Horizon award. Best songs... The Impossible, Brokenheartsville, and She Only Smokes When She Drinks.

Carl Butler with Willie NelsonWillie Nelson, B: April 30, 1933
To the left... Clean shaven Willie with Carl Butler backstage somewhere.

Heidi Newfield, B: Oct. 4, 1970
Member of the Band... Trick Pony, US country rock band formed in 1996>>> skills perfected at Nashville's Wildhouse Saloon.

Juice Newton, B: February 18, 1952
A pop ~ country artist, known for hits like; 'Angel of the Morning', 'Queen of Hearts', 'Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me', 'Break It to Me Gently', and the duet with Eddie Rabbitt 'Both to Each Other (Friends & Lovers)'. However, Country Music Been a Little Bit Hard on Juice,,, she returned to pop in the nightclubs.

James Otto, B: July 29, 1973
A member of the MuzikMafia... his soon to be released 2008 album Sunset Man features the song "Just Got Started Lovin' You"... currently a Top 10 hit. (3/2008)

Buck Owens, Born: August 12, 1929 D: March 25, 2006
Randy Owen, B: December 13, 1949 (Alabama)


Dolly Parton, Born: January 19, 1946
Brad Paisley, B: October 28, 1972

Johnny Paycheck(Picture: Johnny Paycheck)
May 31, 1938 – February 19, 2003

Quote: To me, an "outlaw" is a man that did things his own way, whether you liked him or not. I did things my own way... wikipedia

Minnie Pearl, B: Oct. 25, 1912 D: March 4, 1996
Carl Perkins, B: April 9, 1932 D: Jan. 19, 1998
Webb Pierce, B: August 8, 1927 D: Feb. 21, 1991

Gene Pitney, B: FEB. 17, 1941, D: April 5, 2006

Top hits - -
Only Love Can Break A Heart, (songfacts) 24 Hours From Tulsa, Town Without Pity, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Gene wrote hit songs for others. Example: Rubber Ball - Bobby Vee, Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson,

Elvis Presley, B: Jan. 8, 1935 D: August 16, 1977
A 19-year-old trucker driver paid $4 to make a record for his mamma's birthday. Sam Phillips, the owner of the studio, heard it and said, " That's the man I've been looking for."

Ray Price, Born: January 12, 1926
Charley Pride B. March 18, 1938

John Prine, B: October 10, 1946
Mailman turned singer/songwriter... Once was called "the next
Bob Dylan". Quote: People made me feel like I was in a contest or something. What was I gonna do? Win a gold harmonica? I mean, what was wrong with the old Bob Dylan? (Source: Country Music Magazine, Nov-Dec '78)

Jeanne Pruett, B. Jan. 30, 1937


Eddie Rabbitt, {November 27, 1941 - May 7, 1998}
First hit... Two Dollars in the Jukebox and (1975). Later hits, I Love a Rainy Night, You Don't Love Me Anymore, Step by Step. Died of lung cancer.

Jon Randall, B: Feb. 17, 1969
Lead guitarist for Emmylou Harris, breaking out with a new album 'Walking Among The Living' on the Sony/Epic label (2005)

Boots Randolph, B: June 3, 1927 D: July 3, 2007
Best known for the song, "Yakety Sax", later used by British comedian Benny Hill for the theme song on the "Benny Hill Show". Other songs.... Hey, Mr. Sax Man, The Shadow of Your Smile, and With Love.

Eddy Raven born August 19, 1944
Top Songs, I've Got Mexico (1984), Shine, Shine, Shine (1987)

Collin Raye, B: August 22, 1959
Jerry Reed, B: March 20, 1937 D: Sep 2, 2008

Del ReevesDel Reeves, Born July 14, 1934 died Jan. 1, 2007.
Top Songs: Girl on the Billboard, The Belles of Southern Bell, Looking at the World Through a Windshield, Good Time Charlie's, Women Do Funny Things to Me, Be Glad, and The Philadelphia Fillies.

Jim Reeves, B: Aug. 20, 1923 Died: July 31, 1964
Ronna Reeves, born Sept. 21, 1958

Charlie Rich, B: Dec 14, 1932, D: July 24, 1995
Sam Phillips said, "Charlie, you're just too good for us. Really. You got to get bad." Sam at Sun Records always had an eye for excellent talent, even if that talent was 15 years in the making. A blood clot in his lung killed him in '95. target="_new">Country Music Singer Charlie Rich,,, Don't Put No Headstone on my Grave, a retrospective.

Don Rich, B: August 15, 1941, D: July 17, 1974
Leading member of the Buckaroos (with Buck Owens)... an extremely talented individual. Killed in a motorcycle accident.

Jeannie C. Riley, B: October 19, 1945
Harper Valley PTA

LeAnn Rimes, B: August 28, 1982
Tex Ritter, B: Jan. 12, 1905 D: Jan. 2, 1974
Marty Robbins, B: September 26, 1925 D: Dec. 8, 1982

Julie Roberts, B: Feb. 1, 1979
Worked as an assistant at a major recording label (Mercury) and created music during the night. I guess you could say she had the "inside track".

Jimmie Rodgers, Born: Sep. 08, 1897 Died: May. 26, 1933
Johnny Rodriguez, B; December 5, 1952
Kenny Rogers, B: August 21, 1938
Roy Rogers, B: November 5, 1911 D: July 6, 1998
Joe Don Rooney, Born Sept. 13, 1975 -
Rascal Flatts

Darius Rucker Born: May 1, 1966
Known as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Hootie and the Blowfish, he has release solo country music. His 2008 song "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" became a Number One country hit... first by an individual African American artist since 1983.

Tim Rushlow, B: Oct 6 1966
Johnny Russell, B: Jan. 23, 1940 D: July 3, 2001


Remembering Earl Scruggs (facebook)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Dan Seals B: Feb. 8, 1950; D: March 26, 2009
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

Jeannie SeelyJeannie Seely B: July 6, 1940
Picture from the Grand Ole Opry singing.... "Don't Touch Me"
Jean Shepard, born Nov 21, 1933
Famous for the duet "Dear John Letter" with Ferlin Husky. She was quoted saying, "My only regret was not going to college, but 'Dear John' brought in soo much money, I couldn't afford to go. And did you know that Ferlin was my legal guardian? Imagine that! We arrange that because my state wouldn't allow me to tour out-of-state due to my age (under 21)".

Ricky Van Shelton, Born: Jan 12, 1952
TG Sheppard, Born: July 20, 1944

Red Simpson, B: March 6, 1934
Known for truck driver songs in the 60s and 70s. Top Country Song... I'm A Truck (#4 1972). An excellent song writer, and you can find him playing at Trout's Cocktails just north of Bakersfield, California in Oildale.

Ricky Skaggs, B: July 18, 1954
Cal Smith, B: July 4, 1932
Carl Smith, B: March 15, 1927 D: Jan. 16, 2010
Connie Smith, B: Aug. 14, 1941

Sammi Smith, B; Aug. 5, 1943, D. Feb. 12, 2005
Best known for the 1970 hit
Help Me Make it through the Night

Red Sovine, B: July 17, 1918 D: Died: April 4, 1980
Hank Snow, B: May 9, 1914 D: December 20, 1999

Billie Jo Spears, B; January 14, 1937
Best known for the 1975 hit "Blanket on the Ground".

Jim Stafford, B: Jan. 16, 1944
Known for using a swamp-rock sound to tell song stories like 'Spiders & Snakes'(gold 1974).

Joe Stampley, B: June 6, 1943

The Statler Brothers, Original
Don Reid, B; June 5, 1945
Harold Reid, B; August 21, 1939
Phil Balsley, B; August 8, 1939
Lew DeWitt, B: March 12, 1938 D: August 15, 1990

Ray Stevens, B: Jan. 24, 1939
Country Music Comedian known for songs like,,, THE STREAK, AHAB THE ARAB, and the SHRINER'S CONVENTION. Had a successful business in Branson, sold it, then bought it back. That's the story.

Wynn Stewart B: June 7, 1934 D: July 17, 1985
Songs in the top 5: Wishful Thinking (1960), It's Such a Pretty World Today (1967).
More about Wynn Stewart at wikipedia.

George Strait B: May 18, 1952

Mel Street, B: Oct 21, 1933 D: October 21, 1978
Mel ended his own life on his 43rd birthday. Hands down one of the most desired artists,,, even after these +27 years.
Ricky Van Shelton, Born: Jan 12, 1952
Marty Stuart, born Sept. 30, 1958


Cyndi Thompson, B: Oct 19, 1976

Hank Thompson, B: September 3, 1925, Died: November 6, 2007
Honky Tonk Swing with The Brazos Valley Boys. Best known for the 1952 hit - The Wild Side of Life.

Mel Tillis, Born: August 8, 1932
Pam Tillis, Born: July 24, 1957
Mel Travis, B: November 17, 1917, D: Oct. 20, 1983
Randy Travis, B: May 4, 1959
Buck Trent, B: February 17, 1932
Travis Tritt, B: February 9, 1963

Ernest Tubb, B: Feb. 9, 1914 Died: Sept. 6, 1984
Responsible, with help, of giving country music its name. Mr. Tubb said, "Hillbilly, that's what the press use to call it, Hillbilly Music." Now, I always said, "You can call me a hillbilly if you got a smile on your face." We let the record companies know that they were producing country music 'cause we all come from the country.

Josh Turner, B: Nov. 20, 1977
Tanya Tucker, Born: October 10, 1958
Shania Twain, B: August 28, 1965
Conway Twitty, B: Sept. 1, 1933 D: June 5, 1993


Carrie Underwood, B: March 10, 1983
Keith Urban, Born: October 26, 1967
Leroy Van Dyke, Born: October 4, 1929
Townes Van Zandt, B: March 7, 1944, D: January 1, 1997
Phil Vassar, B: May 28, 1964
Rhonda Vincent, B: July 13, 1962

Billy Walker, B: January 14, 1929 D; May 21, 2006
Charlie's Shoes (1962), Funny How Time Slips Away (cover 1961), Cross the Brazos at Waco (1964)

Clay Walker, B: August 19, 1969
Charlie Walker, B: November 2, 1926, D: Sept. 12, 2008
Popular songs... "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down", Don't Squeeze My Charmin

Charlie Waller, B: Jan. 19, 1935 D: Aug. 18, 2004
Lead singer and guitarist for the Country Gentlemen Bluegrass Band.

Porter Wagoner, Born: August 12, 1927 D: Oct. 29, 2007
Gene Watson, B: October 11, 1943
Kitty Wells, (picture) B: Aug. 30, 1919 Kitty Wells
Dottie West, B: October 11, 1932 D: Sept 4, 1991
Doyle Wilburn, B: July 7, 1930 D: Oct. 16 1982
Teddy Wilburn, B: Nov. 30, 1931 D: Nov. 24, 2003

Bob Wills B: March 6, 1905 D: May 13, 1975
Father of Western Swing. Western Swing is a mix of jazz and some blues with a sound that originated in the Southwest.
Bob Wills Museum in Turkey, Texas

Don Williams, Born: May 27, 1939
Hank Williams, B: Sept. 17, 1923 Died: Jan. 1, 1953
Hank Williams, Jr.; Born: May 26, 1949
Boxcar Willie, B: September 1, 1931, D: April 12, 1999
Mac Wiseman, B: May 23, 1925
Slim Whitman, B: Jan. 20, 1924

Sheb Wooley, B: April 10, 1921 D: Sept. 16, 2003
Sheb's top songs - That's My Pa, Almost Persuaded No. 2, Don't Go Near the Eskimos, Purple People Eater. Acted in TV series Rawhide as Pete Nolan. Wrote Hee Haw's theme song. Country music nicknameBen Colder.

Johnny Wright, B: May 13, 1914 D: September 27, 2011
Husband to Country Music singer Kitty Wells. You may remember one of his songs in the movie Hello Vietnam,,, written by the Tom T. Hall... "GOODBYE MY DARLIN' HELLO VIETNAM".

Tammy Wynette, B: May 5, 1942 D: April 6, 1998


Trisha Yearwood, Born: September 19, 1964
Dwight Yoakam, B: October 23, 1956
Chris Young, B: June 12, 1985

Faron Young,
B. February 25, 1932; D. December 10, 1996 (picture)

Hello Walls, 1961 - Known as the Singing Sheriff, he collected guns, badges, and honorary sheriff titles. After going through a divorce and medical problems, he shot himself with a .38
Faron Young

List of Country Music Singers, A-F

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