Marty Robbins

Born September 26, 1925 - Died December 8, 1982

Best know for more than a dozen hit country songs. He won the first Grammy Award ever for a country song, El Paso, in 1961. In that song he sings about Rosa Cantina. And yes, Rosa Cantina does exist and still operates on the west side of El Paso, close to the south end of Doniphan Drive.

Little Known Marty Robbins Stories

Marty Robbins

What's not widely known is his legendary contribution the rockin' roll, the DGS electric guitar sound. The story has it that 1961-ish during a session at Columbia, a tube when out during a recording. The guitarist Grady Martin kept playing>>> in fact everyone liked it so much they decided to keep that naasty sound.

One day a soldier who was a big follower of Mr. Martin came by and heard an improved version of the DGS distorted amp. That soldier's name was Private First Class Jimi Hendrix. Now it's all history...

The UGLY Other Story

Marty did put El Paso, TX on the map... but it appears folks in that town didn't really care. Marty in the early 70's (my source says 1970) made an appearance at the Sun Bowl, the local stadium. Rumor has it... a person familiar with the day to day operation of the University Of Texas at El Paso Sun Bowl said he did not draw a tremendous crowd. In fact, Mr. Robbins briefly entertained a maximum of 1000 people in a stadium that could hold 31,000 plus. They all lined up at the 50 yard line near the press box. Marty was known to have a short fuse...he was pissed. Scuttlebutt has it that he said, "I put this town on the map and this is what I get!" He thanked those who showed up, played a short time, them left.

Now... you had 1000 pissed off folks who came to see a concert. An all around bad situation.

Top Songs

Devil Woman
The Hanging Tree
Big Iron
A White Sport Coat
Story of My Life
El Paso
Ballad of the Alamo
Don't Worry
Devil Woman
Ruby Ann
Ribbon of Darkness
Tonight Carmen
I Walk Alone
My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

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