Mexican Country Music: Strong and compelling like its American counterpart.

Well, I guess if it was up to #45 he would make sure that Mexican Country Music stayed over the wall that he plans on building. Fortunately for us he can't demand that the radio airwaves be blocked.

One of the most popular styles of Mexican Country Music is called "Norteno". The term "norteno" means northern in English. 

The accordion and bajo sexto (guitar) are Norteno music's most characteristic and recognizable instruments.  Americans also like this music, mostly citizens of Hispanic background.

Norteno music has been influenced by both indigenous (native) and European people.

And one really cool characteristic of this music is that the followers of Mexican Country Music LOVE TO DANCE.

Personally, even when I don't enjoy the music particularly, I love watching the people who are into it dancing up a's awesome.

Modernization of Norteno Music

Mexican Country Music has seen the modernization of traditional norteño music. It has changed significantly from the more traditional old style norteño music. Before the 1950's, the norteno scene was "rocking" with music by Narcisco Martinez and related groups. Since the 1970s and 1980s, electric bass guitars and modern percussion have been added to norteño music. The traditional guitar-and-accordion style of Los Alegres de Terán and Antonio Aguilar has moved directions into the modern style typical to that of Los Tigres Del Norte, Intocable, Duelo, Isac Esquivel and Oro Norteño. In the past, norteño bands consisted of an accordion as the lead instrument, with the bajo sexto (a type of 12-string Mexican guitar) serving as the roots of the music. Today, a typical norteño band usually includes percussion (drums), and a saxaphone or electronic keyboard may also be included. (Un Puno De Tierra, Ramon Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte)(Los Rieleros del Norte)(Polo Urias ysu Maquina Nortena)(Los Nortenos de Ojinaga)and the other main difference would be the use of two accordions instead of just one for Norteño.

Norteño became even more popular in the 1990s and 2000s in the United States as the Latino-American community population expanded rapidly. Norteño continues to be one of the most popular types of modern Mexican music today, but it is also gaining rapid popularity in the United States. Many of the most famous Mexican bands such as Ramon Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte , Pesado and Intocable are all based in the United States with American labels, and their music is usually recorded and produced within the United States. Grupo Pesado is the leader in norteño music today. This trend follows the rapid integration of Mexican-American immigrants into the United States.

Comparison of Norteno to Tejano music:

Norteno music has been influenced in the extreme northern parts of mexico that border with the southern parts of the United States. This genre of music is known as Tejano or "Tex-Mex" music which has been influenced by American Rock and Swing.

A "conjunto norteno" is a type of Mexican Country ensemble, often consisting of an accordion, bajo sexto (guitar), double bass, and drums. It can also have a saxophone which gives it an interesting flavor indeed.

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