New Country Music Hits

New Country Albums for March
Let Them Be Little - Billy Dean
Angels & Outlaws 1 - Bellamy Brothers
Songs From the Longleaf Pine - Charlie Daniels
Songs About Me - Trace Adkins
Ragin Live - Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
Kerosene - Miranda Lambert
My Kind of Livin - Craig Morgan
Brave - Jaime O'Neal
Put the O Back in Country - Shooter Jennings

Article by Bonnie Conrad

The world of country music is one of constant change. There will always be classic artists like Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson, but there are always new country music stars with new country music hits. Whatever your individual tastes in country music, there will always be new music for you to listen to.

For the new country music hits, you need look no further than your local country radio station. Many radio stations around the country focus on country music, and there are even specialized radio stations that specialize in new country music and play new country music hits almost exclusively. These formats are similar to the "Top 40" genre that has long been a staple in the world of rock radio.

The list of new country music artists and new country music hits is far too extensive to list here. Even if it could be listed, it would likely be out of date quickly. Trends change quickly in any form of music, and new country music hits are constantly coming into the world of radio and live music.

Country music is one of the most vibrant, ever changing of musical formats. There are a wide variety of music types to choose from. Country music can encompass everything from simple story songs to complex songs about relationships and romance. Individual tastes within country music vary widely. Some country music fans prefer the old, classic, traditional country music, while others tend toward the new country music hits. Other country music fans listen to both types of music. You know your tastes and what you like far better than anyone else.

If you haven't listened to new country radio for awhile, you might want to give it a listen. There may be some great new country music stars you are unfamiliar with. Whatever your tastes, giving some new music a listen once in awhile can be a rewarding experience.

Some New Bands and Artists to Watch
Robinella & The CC String Band (Bluegrass)
Cowboy Troy (Hick-Hop)
Gary Heaslip (Traditional)
Shooter Jennings (Outlaw)

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