The Call by Matt Kennon

This is such a great song! it really tugs on the heart strings and makes me want to hear more of Matt Kennon's songs. I cried the first time I heard it.

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May 18, 2010
A Song and Video Turns 3 D's into 3 H's
by: Western Ranch Music™

A statement is automatically added when you share this video; that it makes you cry. The mix between the "audio" artist/performer and the "visual" actors gives it that punch. Great song and actors!

The guys (men) who were making the mistakes withdraw from the wrong decision and/or, are regretful. That is what makes this precious. Someone actually CARED for the desperate man and the destitute woman.

"People just want to know that someone cares".

Many of us have felt how it is to be in a position in life of feeling desperate, destitute and/or, left made desolate.


Allow the individual viewer and listener to say or think of how it really effects each one according to their own life experiences.

In this song and video there are three H's "hope, help and healing" for those who are feeling the three D's "desperate, destitute and desolate".

Western Ranch Music™ Record Label
~ Since 1952 ~ Pub

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