'Til Summer Comes Around - Keith Urban

There have been a lot of great songs this year but I must say that this is one of the best songs of the past decade let alone year. Keith's vocals are just amazing. The guitar is epic. Everything about this screams SONG OF THE YEAR.

Aside from TSCA I really think Lady Antebellum put up a great effort with I Run To You and Need You Now. Reba McEntire's Consider Me Gone is very refreshing. Carrie Underwood's amazing cover of I Told You So is probably the best off the album. Darius Rucker surprisingly put came out with a beautiful album. I also enjoyed Big Green Tractor, Sideways, White Liar, and Welcome to the Future but didn't think they should win or even be nominated for song of the year.

I'll even admit I liked Taylor Swift this year. Yes, I was a huge fan before Fearless was released but this year I really think she was overrated. She did NOT deserve EOTY and was definitely not the best female singer. (EOTY should have been Keith Urban and female vocalist gone to Carrie Underwood or Reba McEntire.) She did, however, put out a solid teen-oriented pop album. She was nothing more than an average pop singer this year. There is nothing wrong with this but I personally think she was overrated, overplayed, and overhyped. So much attention was taken away from artists like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.

Anyway, this year was a good one for new artist and a not-so-good one for older ones. While I liked Keith's album I think he could've done better. Brad had a few good songs but a pretty lazy effort on the whole album. Nice year for Reba, Lady A, Darius, and Jason.

Maybe next year we'll get new Keith and Brad material? Perhaps another collaboration? Darius and Reba? I look forward to bigger and better things!

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