Top Country Singer
Ernest Tubb

Ernest Tubb, 1982
My photo of Ernest Tubb (Jan 1982), purchased from the Cohen Collection

A Look Back Story the life of top country singer Ernest Tubb as written by Marshall Fallwell, Country Music Magazine April, 1974.

His friends called him E.T.,,, P.S. That was before that goofy alien movie showed up. Anyway, Ernest averaged about 100,000 miles a year riding and driving... it was hard travling. Better than having a job, hated them all. (Quote)-Ernest, "I worked all over Texas doing everything from threshing wheat to digging sewer ditches at Randold Field. Listen. That wheat threshing,,, you throw that stuff in the air and that chaff gets down your back and you itch all day long."

"Working on a WPA curing gang on a highway ain't so much fun either. What you did was shovel dirt all day onto concrete. After 12 hours of that, you can hardly move."

"Now, doing the road can get you. After a Canadian tour, I made it to Gallatin (Tenn), when before I knew, I was off the road into a telephone pole... woke up with the steer wheel in my mouth."

About Smokin' and Drinkin'... Ernest says, "I smoked for years and years. When I first got sick, (emphysema), I was laying on the bed one night and I started to cough. Well, after a minute I couldn't breathe, and I got scared. Quit the next day. Stopped drinking, too. Dad said, 'when anything gets bigger than you are, you better quit.' So I did."

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Top Country Songs By Ernest Tubb

I'm Walking the Floor Over You
Soldiers Last Letter
It's Been So Long Darling
Have You Every Been Lonely (Have you Ever Been Blue)
Slipping Around
Goodnight Irene
Try Me One More Time

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