Top Country Songs
of Lefty Frizzell

Did you know? Lefty was a boxer in the Golden Gloves. His powerful left jab earned him the nickname Lefty.

Fans of classic, traditional country music are likely to be familiar with Lefty Frizzell. Some of the top country songs are by Lefty Frizzell. He has been called one of the most important singers in the history of country music. Lefty Frizzell was greatly influenced by his hero Jimmie Rodgers. By the time he was 12, he landed a spot on a children's show sponsored by a radio station in El Dorado.

When he was in his twenties, Lefty Frizzell was a regular at clubs and honky tonks in Texas. He gained the attention of Columbia Records in 1950, singing a record contract at the age of 22. That year saw the release of some top country songs by Lefty Frizzell. These songs included such country standards as "If You've Got The Money Honey, I've Got The Time" and "I Love You a Thousand Ways".

The following years saw more top country songs by Lefty Frizzell, including "Always Late (With Your Kisses)", "Mom and Dad's Waltz", "I Want To Be With You Always", and "Travelin Blues".

Lefty Frizzell toured with other country music stars, Hank Williams chief among them. Top country songs by Lefty Frizzell performed along side Hank Williams are a memory many country music fans never forgot. This was truly the golden age of country music.

Lefty Frizzell joined the Grand Ole Opry in the early 1950's, and graced their stages on many occasions. Lefty Frizzell is a member of both the Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

For those of you already familiar with Lefty Frizzell, you already know the unique and wonderful style of your music. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with his sound, he is well worth checking out.

Article by Bonnie Conrad

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