Fans of the country music of the seventies and eighties are most likely familiar with the name Conway Twitty. Many top country songs are Conway's songs, and he has cemented a solid place in the history of country music. Even after all these years, the top country songs of Conway Twitty continue to attract new fans. During his long career, he had a full 55 number one records.

Conway Twitter as Indian Chief in Country Music Magazine

Here's a picture on Conway as an Indian Chief. If my memory serves me he was honored by a tribe in Oklahoma

Conway often tailored his songs to speak to women in general and the women in his life in particular. This connection with women helps to explain the legions of female fans who continue to purchase his many records even today. He had his fair share of male fans, to be sure, but it was women with whom he shared a special connection.

Conway Twitty was born in Mississippi, the son of a riverboat pilot. His father taught him music on a small guitar when Twitty was still a very small boy. Conway Twitty continued to learn music from a black man who lived next door, and from the beautiful gospel music he heard at the local black church. He also listened religiously to the Grand Ole Opry every week on the radio.

By the time he was 12 years old, Conway Twitty was well on his way to becoming the country music star he would later be. He put together his first band at the age of 12 and also hosted his own radio show on a local radio station. All this hard work was excellent training for the top country songs of Conway Twitty.

When he was of age, Conway Twitty was drafted into the army and soon after his discharge he heard the songs of Elvis Presley. Elvis' music greatly influenced Conway Twitty. His first number one hit came with the teen ballad

"It's Only Make Believe" in 1958.
Hello Darlin'

During the next couple of years, Conway Twitty had wide success as a rock and roll star.

Despite the success of his rock and roll career, Conway Twitty had been writing country songs all along. Some of the top country songs of Conway Twitty were actually written during his years as a rock and roll performer.

The top country songs of Conway Twitty include such number one hits as "To See My Angel Cry", "How Much More Can She Stand", "Lead Me On (with Loretta Lynn)", "Touch the Hand", "I've Already Loved You in My Mind", and
"Linda on My Mind".

Don't Cry Joni

If you are not already familiar with the top country songs of Conway Twitty, he is well worth checking out. There are many excellent compilations and retrospective CD's available at your local record store or on the internet.

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