Top Country Songs for 2008

...When I see that girl on the Sugarland video - All I Want To Do... yea, yea, that's right (Steve)

love your body
My favorite 2008 country song is Darius Rucker because he's songs are soo awesome my fav song of his is Don't think I don't Think about it and learn to live!!!:D Mike

Don't Think I Can't Love You
Jake Owen

Country Wedding Songs

Absolutely love these songs. Makes me think of all the good memories with my friends... Michelle

by Allison
(port perry)

I love this song because its so chill and easy going and laid back. And alot of everyday people can relate to it like me i dont have alot of big fancy cars expensive house but i have a good life all around. I have a goodtime no matter what happens...ZAC BROWN BAND Chicken Fried

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Trace Adkins Muddy Water Top Song 2008 
This Song Is One Of My Favorite Songs By Trace Adkins. Im Only 13 But Everyday I Listen to Trace Adkins. He Is My Favorite Country Singer, And Always …

Taylor Swift Top Country Songs 2008 

Top Song 2008 Lost Trailers Holler Back 
It's not exactly my favorite song, but I'm wondering. My friend said it was making fun of Hollaback Girl. What the is a Hollaback Girl?

love story - taylor swift 
Taylor swift is so amazing. i hope to meet her someday. she has inspired me to sing, and now i sing alot. and for a lot of different occassions. i love …

Singing Sweet Home Alabama All Summer Long 
I've heard this song on the radio several times and it is very addicting and AWESOME-- bringing the melody of Sweet Home Alabama with some new lyrics, …

Top Country Songs 2008 Merged 
i love this song because it reminds so much of me because well my mother died and its almost like the same but not because well they were husband and wife …

Just a Dream, Carrie Underwood 
I love love love that song it is totally awesome and she is so cool she is nice and she isnt cocky like some artist ( Hannah Montana UGHH) carrie underwook …

Jamey Johnson~ In Color Not rated yet
Love this song really good my favorite song out of them all!!!

taylor swift white horse Not rated yet
its so true.

In Color - Jamey Johnson Not rated yet

Song in my Head, Julianna Hough Not rated yet
I love Julianne's voice, its like a rock, hip hop, country mix. I love it.

better in color Not rated yet
i like this song

last name carrie underwood Not rated yet
Carrie you the best i love to here you sing

Top Country Songs of 2008 Video Merged Not rated yet
My Favorite Country Artist is Kenny Chesney.. and my favorite song is better as a memory! It's strange, I've been in a relatioship for over 2 …

I'm Only Me When I'm With You Taylor Swift Not rated yet
Taylor Swift Rocks!!!! She is very talanted and inspirable! she is a good ro mode!!!

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