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A list of country music singers is provided below. B:-birthdate, D:-Date of Death, with links to important details about the stars. Also, adding brief descriptions here, exactly on this page.

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Popular Country Singers 
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Roy Acuff, B: Sep. 15, 1903, D: Nov. 23, 1992;
Even though he is one of the pioneering figures in country western music history Roy Acuff did not set out to be a music star. His first love was sports... Country Music Singers-Click for more about Roy Acuff...
Top Songs: Wabash Cannonball
Great Speckled Bird

Jason Aldean, February 28, 1977
Favorite songs... She's Country, Big Green Tractor, Hicktown, Johnny Cash.

Trace Adkins, B: Jan. 13, 1962
Gospel singer, oil rig worker, then honky-tonk singer turned country star... Recent hits>>> Chrome,
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

and 'Hot Mama'.

David "Stringbean" Akeman, B: June 17, 1914 D: Nov 10, 1973
Famous banjo picker best known recently for his performances on Hee Haw. Small talk says he didn't trust banks, and he told folks about all the cash he was getting from the show.

So much that he'd carry huge amounts and hid it on his property. Unfortunately, he shared that information to the wrong people, resulting in the murder of Stringbean and his wife at their home. More info... Murder in the Kornfield: The Life and Death of Stringbean (opens into new broswer window)

Rhett Akins B: October 13, 1969
Known for the 90s songs
That Ain't My Truck and Don't Get Me Started.

Gary Allan, B: Dec. 5, 1967
Top Songs: that placed in the top five... Right Where I Need to Be (2001), The One (2002) Man to Man (2003) Tough Little Boys (2003), Nothing On But The Radio (2004), Life Ain't Always Beautiful (2006)

Gary Allan quote: (wikipedia) I played the bars at night, I was half asleep when I got to school. I thought sleep was what you did when you got to school.

Rex Allen, B: Dec. 31, 1920 D: Dec. 17, 1999
Last of the Singing Cowboys of Hollywood, and a narrator for Disney nature documentaries in the 1960s. Also, he starred in the movie where he plays the sheriff.

Bill Anderson, (picture below) born Nov. 1, 1937
Was a sportswriter and DJ, Known as "Whispering Bill". Wrote City Lights, Co-wrote Saginaw, Michigan, Hosted ABC TV game show.

Liz Anderson (picture above), Born: March 13, 1930 Died: Halloween 2011
Top Songs that charted in the top ten... The Game of Triangles (1966 with Bobby Bare and Norma Jean) and Mama Spank (1967). Best known as a songwriter, she wrote "All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers" for Merle Haggard (1966).

Lynn Anderson, born Sept. 26, 1947
Best known for the 1971 song, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, written by Joe South

John Anderson, B: December 13, 1954
Top Songs in the top 5 charts... I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be a Diamond Someday) ('81), Wild and Blue ('82), Swingin', Goin' Down Hill, Black Sheep (three hit 1983), She Sure Got Away With My Heart ('84), Straight Tequila Night ('91), When It Comes to You ('92), Seminole Wind ('92), Money in the Bank ('93), I've Got It Made ('94), I Wish I Could Have Been There ('94), Bend It Until It Breaks ('94)

Eddy Arnold, (picture below) B: May 15, 1918 D: May 8, 2008
Experts describe his music as MOR, Middle of the Road. Quote, "I think people identify with me and they think I'm a friend", said Eddy, "Especially the women...

Ernie Ashworth (picture below) Born: December 15, 1928, died March 2, 2009

Chet Atkins, B: June 20, 1924 D: June 30, 2001
A Young Gregg Allman thought Chet didn't have a job 'cause every day Mr. Atkins would be walking around, picking up the mail in a bath robe. Gregg wanted to take up a donation to help the poor man.

Rodney Atkins, B: March 28, 1969

Bobby Austin, born May 5, 1933; died January 6, 2002
Toured with Wynn Stewart and did recording sessions for Buck Owens. Best known Top Songs:Polynesian Baby (1960), Apartment No 9 (1966, co-writer Johnny Paycheck)

Gene Autry, B: Sept. 29, 1907 D: Oct. 2, 1998
Gene Autry came to epitomize the Hollywood singing cowboy. With his white hat, trusty horse, Champion, and neatly paired six-shooters, he became an American icon, revolutionized American popular culture and changed the face of Country music. Related Gene Autry Info: Public Cowboy No. 1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry (opens into new window)

Hoyt Axton, B: March 25, 1938 D: Oct. 26, 1999
Best known for writing (and singing) these songs: Joy to the World (Three Dog Night), Never Been to Spain, The Pusher A song he wrote after one of his best friends suffered a fatal drug overdose(covered and made famous by Steppenwolf, on the soundtrack to the film Easy Rider), and Boney Fingers. Appeared on Bonanza TV show in 1965.

Steve Azar, Born April 11, 1964

Bill Anderson
Ernie Ashworth
Eddy Arnold

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